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        Question: FIDO keys requires "access keystrokes" permissions in the privacy pane when accessing USB security keys for Web Authentication. Is safari pre-approved? What API should browsers use? Other applications?



        Answer: Ask at Security lab





        Question: Do we have the ability to manage watchOS via MDM through DEP?


        Answer: No, watchOS does not support MDM at this time. iOS device management may be applied via connection to iPhone.



        Question: Can we deploy apps to watchOS purchased from VPP similar to how we can for iOS devices (user- and device-based VPP)?


        Answer: No, watchOS does not support MDM (and VPP) at this time.





        Question: What is Apple's stance on binding to a directory server?  Will that still be supported in future OSes?


        Answer: I need to talk to some folks and get you a good answer. Talk with me later.





        Question: Does Apple plan to incorporate Enterprise Connect into the OS to make it easier for Enterprises to make the case for Macs in the environment? Apple is clearly making a push to focus on the Enterprise, yet many of the advancements to the OS and hardware are detrimental to Enterprise environments (e.g. high price for hardware, multiple dongles ($) for general use, need to pay ($) for MDM licenses for management, need to pay ($) for Enterprise Connect or similar for login control). The cost barrier is real and detrimental.





        Answer: See the documentation and the Friday Device Management session, there's good news coming.





        Question: Is binding to non-AD LDAP directory services supported using command line tools in macOS Catalina?





        Answer: If dsconfigldap isn't working to bind to LDAP, file Radar to report what's not working and requested features.