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        Sign in with Apple provides to app developers:




        Full Name

        Verified email address

        Streamlined account setup

        Built-in security (via Apple 2FA)





        Works across all Apple devices



        Hide My Email:



        Provides a verified Apple email address that forwards messages to the user's actual email address.

        Two-way relay

        Any email communication

        Apple does not retain messages








        Privacy friendly

        On-device intelligence

        Account information

        Abstracted to a single bit of information.






        API is available on all Apple platforms (iOS, macOS, tvOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS)

        Extendable to Windows and Android





        Cross-platform compatibility:



        JavaScript SDK



        Simple browser-based login

        Similar to native API

        Native experience when using Safari



        - Include the library in your site

        - Add the button

        - Configure as desired

        - Result

          - POST /redirectURI



        Best practices:



        Only require account setup when necessary

        Only collect data that is required - If you only need the unique identifier, don't collect email.

        Check for existing accounts on app startup

        Use real user indicator for best new account experience

        Always use the Button API.

        Implement it on all platforms your app is on