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        ScapeKit is a package that makes creating location-based AR apps easy. It handles all the complexity of giving you the most accurate position and orientation via your device's camera while providing you with the freedom to create a stunning AR experience.


        ScapeKit supports Native Android and IOS platform as well as Unity!


        We at Scape believe the true value of immersive technology is to eliminate the barrier between content and reality by transporting the user within the experience but in order, to that, there needs to be the way to anchor content in the precise location first! And that's where we come in by providing most accurate localisation service out there that is scalable and robust and works under different weather conditions while at the same time utilising any device camera!


        Using scape ensures your content stays within 30cm - 1m distance in the real world! And it can work with any ARkit enabled device! Because we using global reference, multiple users can see the same content in the world displayed from different devices.


        Check us out and start using it today!


        The first city that is available now is City of London more to come!


        Feel free to reach out to me directly for more questions and answers edgars@scape.io