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        Hey there,


        I have a button which has the normally function from a Start-Button.

        If the user tab on it he should type in some text in a text field and the application is going to check this text.


        But the big problem is: As soon as the button is active all TextFields are disabled!

        I tried to fix this with "Input.isEnabled = true" in the source code of the button but unfortunately it does not change anything.


        Anyone an idea what to do?


        Thanks ;-)

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          Show some code? What kind of app? Game? Which APIs are you using?


          Curious about focus w/the 'start' session sequence... Might just be a matter of order since it doesn't appear to be an otherwise normal input form.

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              It's a "Singe View App" for iPad.

              There is not much code to show but this basically is what the app should do:

              import UIKit
              class ViewController: UIViewController {
                  let theText = "Hello"
                  var count = 0
                  @IBOutlet weak var Text: UILabel!
                  @IBOutlet weak var Input: UITextField!
                  @IBAction func Start(_ sender: Any) {
                      while count < theText.count {
                          Input.isEnabled = true //this line is not working!
                          if Input.text == theText {
                              count += 1
                  override func viewDidLoad() {
                      // Do any additional setup after loading the view.

              1. User start the app

              2. User tab "Start"-Button

              3. User want to type in something in Input, which is at this time just disabled