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        Trying to do a CLI build with XCode (using NativeScript).


        Was working fine a couple days ago.  However, now I cannot get past this error when trying to build:



        DTDeviceKit: deviceType from 7c64d8a014fd573ca3623ef80b158e57e7aea7c5 was NULL

        2018-05-07 11:57:54.696 xcodebuild[14808:865317]  DVTPortal: Service '<DVTPortalViewDeveloperService: 0x7fe4e17686d0; action='viewDeveloper'>' encountered an unexpected result code from the portal ('1100')

        2018-05-07 11:57:54.696 xcodebuild[14808:865317]  DVTPortal: Error:

        Error Domain=DVTPortalServiceErrorDomain Code=1100 "Your session has expired.  Please log in." UserInfo={payload=<CFBasicHash 0x7fe4e242ed70 [0x7fff9115faf0]>


        Whenever I open XCode and to go preferences->account, my team account already reports "Session has expired".  I log in successfully, then close Xcode, then login again, and once again it says the "Session has expired".


        Enabled two factor authentication hasn't helped.  I get the identical error from two separate machines (Mac Mini and MacBook Air).  Using latest High Sierra OS and XCode.


        My developer accounts logs in fine to the developer portal on Apple's Developer site, iTunes connect, etc..