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        Would love to know if this is still working for anyone else...we use MKLocalSearchRequest with its naturalLanguageQuery input to search within regions the user specifies, but it's suddenly started returning only results near the user's current location instead. It started happening in our released app recently, but I reproduced it below with a search for "Gas" in a map region for Las Vegas: the 10 results returned are all near our current location in Redmond, WA.


        Thanks for any ideas!


        ••• Here's how the MKLocalSearchRequest is configured:

        <MKLocalSearchRequest: {

            naturalLanguageQuery = Gas;

            region = "<center:+36.16607319, -115.15467488 span:+0.28281412, +0.23500683>";


        ••• 10 mapItems are returned with MKLocalSearch, all near our location in Redmond, WA


        Edit: Search requests that instead use MKLocalSearchCompletion and region are also affected. For example, if you use MKLocalSearchCompleter to generate suggestions for "gas", and then use the MKLocalSearchCompletion with title="gas stations" and subtitle="Search Nearby", the map region is ignored by MKLocalSearch, and again only gas stations near your current location are returned.