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        I get a blank screen when trying to login in Search Ads.

        When I could login it took 3 times.

        1) it said my session had expired

        2) it presents a blank screen

        3) then I could login


        But today I can't login at all.

        I can login to my App Store Connect account ok.




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          Hi Peter,


          This isn't unusual to see. We encounter this issue on a daily basis across multiple Search Ads accounts.


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          Many thanks,


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            Same thing here, expecially on the BASIC version. Just a white screen. Refreshing does not help. Siging out and in does not help. Nothing helps.


            Sometimes going to "Advanced" first helps. But this requires knowing the URL for the advanced version, because the screen is white and there is no link visible.


            It is HORRIBLE that Apple has S * H * I * T * like this in production.


            (And yes, I am using the latest Safari on the latest macOS.)