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        Some customers are getting errrors:

        "The operation couldn’t be completed. (CoreMediaErrorDomain error -17760 - File exceeds max size allowed over cellular.)"

        While trying to stream over https on a AVQueuePlayer.


        I'm unsure if this is a AVFoundation or Networking related, but it's weird, and it seems to happen on customers using ATT (I'm not able to reproduce the errors and I got the errors from customers log files). File is streamed from an apache server, and are not exceptionally long.

        This is the actual answer from the server for a failing file.

        Content-Length: 67553037

        Content-Type: audio/mp4


        Any hint or help will be appreciated. Restarting the device seemed to solve the problem for a customer (not solved for sure on a second one, unsure abouth a third one).