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        I am fairly new to xcode/itunes connect, and have a few apps online. I am concerned with the time required to push an archive to itunes connect and more importantly, I have to sit there for 1-2 hours for the silly popus or the process is halted waiting for me to hit next

        on dialogues such as:


        • Enable bitcode - This is already in general settings =)
        • Automatically sign - This is also on general settings =)
        • Upload Button -  Of course I want to upload, I clicked distribute.
        • Symbolicated reports etc


        These can all be placed on general settings or plist files sowe don't have to sit around waiting for dialogues that take 20 minutes each to popup.

        These prompts would be ideally replaced by using tabs and areas on the xcode project IDE where all of this can be saved/stored/retrieved during an archive push. Possibly the areas called Build Settings/Phases/Rules would be a great place for these things.


        Is there a way to auto-complete all of the prompt dialogues during archive/upload processes,

        so when I select:


        Product Archive >


        so that it actually achives and publishes in one shot?


        Or is there a Product > Publish secret cmd somewhere item that

        actually publishes and I can walk away without delaying the process?

        I can't believe nobody has asked for this to be improved.


        If anyone knows ways to avoid these prompts, I would greatly appreciate it.


        Thank you!

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               >I can't believe nobody has asked for this to be improved.


          It used to be simpler, then devs more concerned with quantity started shoving hundreds of apps into the backend's gullet around the clock.


          Thankfully that process seems to have been throttled by design. If anything was asked for, it was a fair shot at getting average apps into the store without being forced to wait while some devs automated huge batch uploads.


          As always, if there are enhancements you'd like to see on the process, feel free to make them via the bug reporter(suggestions) link below, being sure to add your report #s to your thread for ref., thanks and good luck.

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              What does having redundant parameter dialogue boxes have to do with mass uploads from large developers?


              I am talking about the XCode archive process thru Upload, there are dialogues such as automatically sign and enable bitcode that already have been set in other windows/tabs, there is no need to force devs to sit and stare at a screen waiting for a dialogue that is requesting information which has already been provided on the Build/Target.