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        In my test, seems kNotifySCNetworkChange only works for ssid change, is there any way to detect bssid change or both, thanks.

        • Re: kNotifySCNetworkChange detect bssid change, is there any way to detect bssid change without ssid change
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          BSSID changes are tricky because they may or may not result in a change of the networking state:

          • You might have two completely separate APs that just happen to have the same SSID, in which case a BSSID change represents a change of the network state on the STA.

          • You might have two APs with the same SSID that represent the same network — these APs are typically bridged to Ethernet — where the STA is free to roam between BSSIDs without changing their networking state.

          Given the above, what problem are you trying to solve by detecting a change in BSSID?

          I suspect you’re concerned about the viability of network connections after the change, in which case there may be a better way to solve that problem than for you to deal with this low-level implementation detail.

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