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        I am doing a Xamarin Forms App in which I came across an issue with the Login with Azure.

        The Client company has some conditional policy and the Microsoft Support team has instructed to send the UDID of the phone at the time of login so that ADAL  can verify the and accordingly user can explore the App.


        Now when the user/employee who is internal to the client company comes under some Conditional Policies set by the company in Azure Active Directory. Due to which, when he/she tries to log in its getting blocked in IOS.


        My Question is will Apple Reject the app from App Store if we forcefully pass the UDID to Azure directory at the time of login along with username and password. ?

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          First up, I can’t give you definitive answers about App Review policy; only App Review can do that.

          Second, two questions:

          • You posted this to the WWDC Scholarships topic area, and it’s hard to imagine how this could be related to that.  Would you like me to move it to somewhere more appropriate?

          • How do you intended to get the UDID in the first place?  There’s no longer any API for that.

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