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        I'm encountering a problem trying to updating my app through xCode.

        I'm using xCode 10.1, mac OSX Mojave up-to-date in a iMac 2017 3 GHz Intel Core i5 8gb ram.


        When I upload the archive in the organizer, after few seconds, xCode goes in a "not responding" status, and it uses all the available RAM.

        I waited for 20-30 minutes with the status "fetching app etc etc..." and then my iMac reboots.


        My project was made in Unity, and I uploaded the previous version in another partition of my iMac. I recreated the provisioning profiles and the certificates, I cleaned the derived data folder, I have so much free space in the ssd.

        My project has changed a bit from the last version, I installed Firebase analytics, so now I had to use a xcworkspace (because of the Cocoa Pods) instead of the xcodeproj to archive my app, I don't know if this can be the problem.


        Anybody can help me? It's urgent