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        Suddenly, my OSX VPN app (using  Packet Tunnel Provider), had stopped working -

        When I press the connect button, I get in the logs:


        neagent: Failed to create an NSExtension with type com.myCompany.mac.ProjName.ProjExtension: (null)
        neagent: NEAgentSession: failed to initialize the delegate
        nesessionmanager: com.myCompany.mac.ProjName.ProjExtension: dropping a message because the current state is not "started" (0)


        I tried  uding pluginkit -m -v and saw that I have /System/Library/Frameworks/NetworkExtension.framework/PlugIns/NEIKEv2Provider.appex

        (maybe PacketTunnelProvider should be there as well? )


        I don't know what caused this, I even tried to reinstall the OS, but it didn't help.

        Any suggestions?