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        I am looking to create a 3D human, articulating character (arms, wrist, fingers, shoulders, head) against a stationary background.  This character would be a host or presenter of a show.  The character will stand in the same place at all times but it does need to be move in a human way.  The character needs to present a multitude of gestures, such as shoulder shruggging, pointing, detailed hand movements, face touching to look inquisitive among other human-like movements and transitions. 


        Which technology is suited for this type of goal?

        Is this something that is programmable using Swift and can this be done on the fly?

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          Take a look at this article https://developer.apple.com/documentation/scenekit/scnskinner


          "Typically, an artist creates a skinned model using external 3D authoring tools and saves it, along with animations that use the skeleton, in a scene file. You load the model from the scene file and pose or animate it in your app, either by using animation objects also loaded from the scene file or by directly manipulating the nodes in the skeleton."


          So, for this type of thing ("I am looking to create a 3D human"), you should be using an external 3D authoring tool to create your geometry and animations, and then you could import them into SceneKit.