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        View based NSTableView - OS X 10.10 and later.




        I want to change the background color of the displayed rows in a table view. Basically, I have a button in the window and when I click this button I want to change the background color of some rows.


        Well, this does not work.


        Things I've tried:


        1. Implementing tableView:didAddRowView:forRow: and tableView:didRemoveRowView:forRow:


        This does not work as these methods are not invoked when calling reloadData or reloadDataForRowIndexes:columnIndexes: .The change is only applied when a new row is added.


        And trying to lie with noteNumberOfRowsChanged does not help.


        2. Implementing tableView:rowViewForRow:


        This does not work, the background color set in this method was never taken into account when I tried this.




        Am I missing something an obvious solution?