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        Hi everyone


        a little doubt


        I am developing a small app, i have it in testflight and sent to a small amount of users, lets say 20 more or less.

        I have tried to oversimplify the connection rate of the app to cloudkit in order to have the smallest amount of connection per second.

        Nevertheless in cloudkit dashboard i have seen a spike of 3.5 request per seconds.

        It's small, but considered that i have only 20 test users at the moment i am very perplexed

        The application will have a future audience of 1000-2000 users (based on poll) so the limit should stay at 40 request per second in the free tier.

        But if with only 20 test user i see spikes of 3.5 i suppose that i could see spikes of 150-200 request per seconds that means i will get

        ((200-40)/10)*100 dollars to pay monthly... am i correct?

        Is this the case OR apple consider the request per seconds during the entire month?

        I mean 40 request per seconds would mean 3.456.000 request per day which means 100.000.000 request (+-) during the month (30 days)

        So am i safe until i reach that amount of request during the month and only after that the extra fee will be calculated?

        I am a real small developer so this information for me is vital and the documentation about is really not clear at all.


        Please someone, maybe from apple itself, help me understand