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        Starting early 2018, everything that has been announced as added to HomeKit such as HomePod, AppleTVs, Airplay 2 devices, and now TVs have not in fact been added to the actual HomeKit APIs. HMAccessoryCategoryTypes.h hasn't changed a bit. Iterating over all accessories of all types does not include any such accessories. So all of those things are not actually part of HomeKit, they seem to be just  in the Home app only and not available via the HomeKit API at all.


        Needless to say, this is to put it gently inconsistent and users of apps that rely on HomeKit do not understand why HomeKit apps cannot access what otherwise seems obviously to be a HomeKit accessory in the Home app, not knowing that all such accessories have not actually been made part of HomeKit.


        Is anyone aware of some kind of statement or can someone please make a statement regarding what the expectation is here? Given the HomeKit silence at WWDC '18, I feel like it could be better to implement HAP in our app rather than use the HomeKit API at this point if we can't get a clear statement that the HomeKit API will be kept up to date as it is now at least a year visibly out of date with devices that users are incorrectly made to believe are part of HomeKit.