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        Hi All


        I am attempting to get my cannabis related app into the App Store and I got a rejected response on Friday 1/11 due to


        Guideline 1.4.3 - Safety - Physical Harm



        Your app appears to promote excessive or inappropriate uses of controlled substances.


        I believe this was flagged by some kind of automated system because any normal human reviewer would see that there are tons of cannabis apps on the App Store currently and mine simply lets people find each other to consume cannabis with. Users would start a smoking/use session, and others would ask to join. That is it, there is no other functionality. There is an app here https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/duby/id966442183 that goes beyond what my app do but also fully within the cannabis space, and if that app is approved on App Store, I don't see how mine could be barred.


        I first submitted an appeal right away on Friday, then I also sent a msg through the resolution center highlighting the above app and stating that I have submitted for appeal because I don't know what good is messaging through the resolution center.


        It has been 48 hours and no response from either the appeal board or resolution center.


        Can someone let me know what should I do as a next step?



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          Is your app geofence-restricted to those states where marijuana not an illegal drug?  Is your app restricted to non-minors?  Does your app facilitate the sale of marijuana by, for example, indicating where stores are located?


          The guideline is:

          • 1.4.3 Apps that encourage consumption of tobacco products, illegal drugs, or excessive amounts of alcohol are not permitted on the App Store. Apps that encourage minors to consume any of these substances will be rejected. Facilitating the sale of marijuana, tobacco, or controlled substances (except for licensed pharmacies) isn’t allowed.


          If you have identified apps that violate this guideline please contact Apple so they can remove it from the store.  But if you have identified such apps that incorrectly were not rejected that does not mean that your app will not be rejected.

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              All cannabis apps need to have geofence restriction on the states that are legal (for the USA)? I did not do this.


              Yes it is rated M, 17+.


              No, there is absolutely no facilication of buying or getting cannabis through the app. I don't encourage any excessive use as users can only start 1 session at a time, which is limited to max 3 hours, and you can ask to join as many sessions as you want but others may not let you join. It is really impossible to excessively use the app to consume cannabis beyond the amount what you usually consume.


              The thing, it is now going on day 3 that I had absolutely no response from Apple. I really hope I don't become those months long cases without any information.

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                  1 day, not 3, if you consider that the people (not the bots) you're waiting on are maybe high enough up the ladder to have weekends off. They have a queue, as well, so...


                  Relax - be patient. A few days idle in these case isn't an automatic indication of months.


                       >mine simply lets people find each other to consume cannabis with


                  How does that not sound like promotion? It's not that simple, actually.

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                    One issue is "1.4.3 Apps that encourage consumption of .... illegal drugs".  If you are not geofencing then your app can be downloaded in a state in which marijuana is an illegal drug.