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        Hi all, I'm using a few textFields for data entry in a MacOS app (and Objective-C).  These entries will only be two characters in length (timecode), so when a user is done entering the first two digits, I want the cursor to tab over to the next textField.


        I am using the <NSTextFieldDelegate> protocol and I have set the delegates using [self.hourTextField setDelegate:self]; (and for the other textFields as well in my ViewController.


        I am also already using two delegate methods for other purposes...


        - (void)controlTextDidChange:(NSNotification *)notification        and

        - (void)controlTextDidEndEditing:(NSNotification *)notification


        Is there a delegate method that will tab to the next field when the two characters are entered?  or a method I could use in one of these delegate methods?  I've seen a few entries on this, but they are either for UITextField which looks like it behaves differently than in MacOS.  I've also seen some posts but they have been in Swift and I haven't learned that yet. 


        Also, I tried using a number formater called Disc Recording MSF Formatter, but it crashes my app because I don't have a library, or something?


        Thanks as always,