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        Most of my Sprite Kit scene are unable to be read in XCode, Xcode just crashes. I tried many solutions found on internet : delete the names, remove all the 2X and 3x. Nothing seems to work.


        I tried to make a new project from scratch but i have random crashes when i try to put a texture on a SKSpriteNode.


        I don't know what to do an it's an impotant project for me

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          I have the same issue with my scene but I managed to get it open so I could edit it for a while by:

          1) Creating a new sks scene

          2) Making sure it matched the size of the one that crashes

          3) I opened both scens with a text editor and copied over the contents of the old crashin scene into the new one and saved the file

          4) I managed to open the new scene in the scene editor allowing me to add some new sprites


          Sadly the new one is also crashing when I try to open it, but luckily I managed to get the new content in.


          I hope this solution (though temporary) works for you. I would love to hear how to solve it permanently though. Surely someone here has found a long term fix?

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              I was following a SpriteKit tutorial (made in Xcode 9) in Xcode 10.1 this week and ran into this bug in the visual SceneKit editor. You simply can't use Assets.xcassets images that have @2x images and set the texture visually in the GameScene.sks file at all without Xcode crashing. If you don't use @X assets it seems to work fine though. This is a known bug but Apple hasn't fixed it in months.


              The solution I found was to grab all of your images from the Asset Catalog and put them into a normal folder in the project. That will then allow you to texture the sks.


              I'm laying out my Scenes in code instead because of it. It doesn't crash when I use the Asset Catalog and I can also make the layout support iPhone X screens along side iPhone 16:9 screens rather than using two sks files (as I was going to until the repeated Xcode crashing).


              I still hope it gets fixed because prototyping visually is really quick with a visual editor if you just want to test something out.