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        I am trying to create a real time multiplayer game using Game Center. For matchmaking, I am using programmatic approach by using the following code:


        [[GKMatchmaker sharedMatchmaker] findMatchForRequest:request withCompletionHandler:^(GKMatch *match, NSError *error) {
                if (error)
                    // Process the error.
                    NSLog(@" error => %@ ", [error userInfo] );
                else if (match != nil)
                    NSLog(@"Match Found _-----------");
                    match.delegate = self;
                    NSLog(@"Expected player count:%ld",match.expectedPlayerCount);
                    if ( match.expectedPlayerCount == 0)
                        NSLog(@"Ready to start match!");


        Currently, the code generates following error when a match is found:


        ABC-mobile[342:26698] [log]  [ERROR] ReXmitCollectionRequest:640 /BuildRoot/Library/Caches/com.apple.xbs/Sources/AVConference/AVConference-1020.31/ICE.subproj/Sources/ICEMessage.c:640:     ReXmit [SNATMAP_REQUEST] (1:0) from [] to [] failed (801A0002)


        ABC-mobile[342:26698] [log]  [ERROR] -[GKConnectionInternal internal_setRemoteConnectionData:fromParticipantID:pendingConnectionPIDList:]:1041 GCKSessionPrepareConnection FAILED(80150016)


        I am using Cocos2D-X game engine and I am calling this method from a C++ function.


        I would appreciate any suggestions and thoughts on this topic. Thank you.