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        I have recently removed Safari Technological Preview using AppCleaner from https://freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/.

        The issue that I am facing is that there is a residual file named "SafariFamily" (with no extension) that I can't seem to get rid of no matter what i tried.

        • Dragging the item into the trash would result in the error message:

             "The operation can’t be completed because one or more required items can’t be found. (Error code -43)"

        • Placing the file in a folder, put the folder in trash and trying to empty trash would result in:

             "The operation can’t be completed because the item “Folder” is in use."

        • Using sudo rm on the file results in:

             "rm: SafariFamily: Operation not permitted"


        I have also tried deleting the item from safe mode as will as using the First Aid in Disk Utility.


        Any idea how I can remove it?