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        Every day at work, I need to search for some technical question about programming for Apple platforms.


        I search on Google. I see 5 results on Stack Overflow. I see 5 results from the Apple Developer Forums.


        I open all the results in new tabs.


        • Stack Overflow results work fine! The pages load.
        • Apple Developer Forum links result in an error and do not load.


        > We're sorry.

        > We're having a problem processing your login.


        > Return to Apple Developer Forums.


        Image: https://i.imgur.com/yIxk5Kc.png


        URL shown in the address bar for the error: https://forums.developer.apple.com/sso-error!home.jspa?errorKey=apple.sso.plugin.validation.error&statusCode=19



        Please fix this so that a failed login does not completely obliterate the page I was trying to open.


        Also filed as rdar://45231929