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        I have a UIWebView that displays an HTML page that it receives from the server as NSData.

        Starting with iOS 9 the UIWebView sometimes shows the HTML as usual and sometimes it renders the HTML as a very small page.

        Is this a known issue on iOS9?

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          I've been expeirencing weird behaviour on iOS9 as well. When trying to load local iOS9 pages, sometimes the pages load, sometimes they just appears as a blank screen. The pageLoaded function gets called in these instances as well.


          The same code works fine on iOS 8.

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            This seems to occur because of some regression in beta4 whereby if you don't specify the width=device-width property in the viewport meta tag pages are rendered in this way.


            This all looks way broken on beta4

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              I posted about some viewport issues here:  https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/13510


              The viewport is incorrectly set to display all elements in the document, rather than the specified viewport.


              I found I could get things working properly with initial-scale to 1.00001 and have no width set (probably - still testing).

              <meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1.0001, minimum-scale=1.0001, maximum-scale=1.0001, user-scalable=no"/>


              I've logged a bug report.


              More details in the post linked to above.