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        I am trying to render audio using AVSampleBufferAudioRenderer but there is no sound coming from my speakers and there is a repeated log message.


        [AQ] 405: SSP::Render: CopySlice returned 1


        I am creating a CMSampleBuffer from an AudioBufferList. This is the relevant code:


        var sampleBuffer: CMSampleBuffer!
        try runDarwin(CMSampleBufferCreate(allocator: kCFAllocatorDefault,
                                           dataBuffer: nil,
                                           dataReady: false,
                                           makeDataReadyCallback: nil,
                                           refcon: nil,
                                           formatDescription: formatDescription,
                                           sampleCount: sampleCount,
                                           sampleTimingEntryCount: 1,
                                           sampleTimingArray: &timingInfo,
                                           sampleSizeEntryCount: sampleSizeEntryCount,
                                           sampleSizeArray: sampleSizeArray,
                                           sampleBufferOut: &sampleBuffer))
        try runDarwin(CMSampleBufferSetDataBufferFromAudioBufferList(sampleBuffer,
                                                                     blockBufferAllocator: kCFAllocatorDefault,
                                                                     blockBufferMemoryAllocator: kCFAllocatorDefault,
                                                                     flags: 0,
                                                                     bufferList: audioBufferList.unsafePointer))
        try runDarwin(CMSampleBufferSetDataReady(sampleBuffer))


        I am pretty confident that my audio format description is correct because CMSampleBufferSetDataBufferFromAudioBufferList, which performs a laundry list of validations, returns no error.


        I tried to reverse-engineer the CopySlice function, but I’m lost without the parameter names.


        int ScheduledSlicePlayer::CopySlice(
           long long,


        Does anyone have any ideas on what’s wrong? For the Apple engineers reading this, can you tell me the parameter names of the CopySlice function so that I can more easily reverse-engineer the function to see what the problem is?

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          If your app does not stop on the message `[AQ] 405: SSP::Render: CopySlice returned 1`, it may be just a debug message inside framework and you should better ignore it and find other reasons why no sound coming.


          I recommend you first to check if you really made your `audioBufferList` properly. Can you show how you made it?

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              I have created a sample project that exhibits the problem. The audio plays if isInterleaved == true || channelCount == 1, but it doesn’t play otherwise. Thanks for helping!




              I am pretty much at a dead end with reverse engineering. For posterity’s sake, here is what I found when isInterleaved == false && channelCount == 2:


              • ScheduledSlicePlayer::CopySlice(long long, ScheduledSlicePlayer::XScheduledAudioSlice* arg1, int, AudioBufferList& arg3, int, int, bool)
                • Copies data from the AudioBufferList pointed to by arg3 into the AudioBufferList nested in arg1.
                • Fails because the audio buffer count of the source AudioBufferList (2) is not equal to the audio buffer count of the destination AudioBufferList (1).
              • AudioQueueObject::ConvertOutput(AudioQueueObject::ConverterConnection*, AQBufferCommand* arg1, int, bool)
                • It initializes the destination AudioBufferList with 1 AudioBuffer when `*(int32_t *)(arg1+0x8) == 1`. arg1+0x8 is likely an enum; its type is AQCommand::ECommand.
              • AQBufferCommand::AQBufferCommand(AQCommand::ECommand arg0, AQBuffer*, unsigned int, AudioStreamPacketDescription const*, XAudioTimeStamp const&)
                • Sets *(int32_t *)(this+0x8) = arg0.
              • AudioQueueObject::EnqueueBuffer(AudioQueueBuffer*, unsigned int, AudioStreamPacketDescription const&, int, int, unsigned int, AudioQueueParameterEvent*, XAudioTimeStamp const&, XAudioTimeStamp *)
                • Calls AQBufferCommand::AQBufferCommand with arg0 = 1.