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        I've used property lineHeightMultiple for looking like no spacing between line.


        if quoteFontType == .binggraeII || quoteFontType == .binggraeIIBold
                    paragraphStyle.lineHeightMultiple = 0.6


        The reason of using lineHeightMultiple is

        1) line spacing can not set negative

        2) lineHeightMultiple is property that can effect to line height.


        But I don't want to effect to text selection rect. When I selected text, selection rantangle rect is wrong position. It looks like over text area. When I comment that lineHeightMultiple code, it's located correct area (cover all text).


        I tried this way to set caretRect. But it's working well only not selection status.


            override func caretRect(for position: UITextPosition) -> CGRect {
                var rect = super.caretRect(for: position)
                rect.origin.y = SQGlobal.shared.topInsetLineHeightSmall != nil ? rect.origin.y - (SQGlobal.shared.topInsetLineHeightSmall!)/2 : rect.origin.y
                return rect


        So, I'd like to ask two question.

        1) is it possible really close lines without lineHeightMultiple?

        2) is it possible set selection cursor (caret) position??