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        I am running Xcode 9.4 and have just run an "Export for Localization..." on a previously localized project. It seems to have missed re-exporting all the strings in Localizable.strings that I have already had translated so I cannot tell what new strings need to be translated. I have used these exports before for translation so I may have missed a step somehow?


        Also I noted that when I have a button in a storyboard with a title/label that I have had previously translated, then I have subsequently changed the label on the button in this version of the code it does not mark the text as requiring retranslation. Xcode seems happy to export this as it stands - it keeps the original translation with the new source text. The translation is now incorrect.


        If I manually extract the strings for translation, get them translated and then manually put them back into this partial xliff and reimport will it break my project?  I'm a bit burned out at this last stage of the project to diagnose what is going on here!!!



        Peter Smith.