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        I'm adding purchases to the iOS app.

        My app's bundleID looks like this "company.My-App-Name-with-Dashes".

        When creating Product in appstoreconnect, ProductID should have been like "company.My-App-Name-with-Dashes.myProduct"

        But validation not allows symbol dash "-" in that field.

        So i have created ProductID just like "myProduct" and one more like "company.My_App_Name_with_Dashes.myProduct"


        Both products are ready for review in status.

        I have sandbox tester account logged in on my test device.


        Swift code with SwiftyStoreKit:


        SwiftyStoreKit.retrieveProductsInfo(["myProduct", "company.My_App_Name_with_Dashes.myProduct"]) { result in
                    if let product = result.retrievedProducts.first {
        // Never gets here
                        let priceString = product.localizedPrice!
                        print("Product: \(product.localizedDescription), price: \(priceString)")
                    else if let invalidProductId = result.invalidProductIDs.first {
        // Always here
                        print("Invalid product identifier: \(invalidProductId)")
                    else {
        // Never gets here
                        print("Error:", result.error ?? "")


        - Invalid product identifier