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        am I supposed to be building network_cmds as a mere mortal, or is this "you can look, but you can't touch" code?


        Building fails because it can't find the macosx.internal sysroot, and compiling it against the public macos sdk fails because of missing definitions.


        At least some of these defitions are in the xnu kernel sources, so is it worth the effort trying to compile this project?





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          No, you aren't supposed to build any of that. You can look at it and incorporate the code in your own projects with respect to any licensing restrictions. But don't assume that any Apple open source code will, or is supposed to, build outside of Apple.

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            so is it worth the effort trying to compile this project?

            What’s your end goal here?  A lot of the tools in network_cmds use APIs of questionable stability, so it’s better to avoid going there if possible.  And depending on your specific goals there may be better options.

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