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        I want to be able to develop a login screen extension for password resets. Instead of standard mac login options i want to have a button which when user clicks will take me to my login reset page.

        My question is where do i even begin reading about this stuff? I am new to Apple development hence the Naive question.


        Any pointers would be helpful.



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          There are three standard ways to run at login:

          • You can implement a pre-login launchd agent, which runs asynchronously with respect to login.

          • You can implement an authorisation plug-in, which is run synchronously during the login process.

          • As a specific case of the previous, your authorisation plug-in can use the SFAuthorizationPluginView class to customise the login UI.

          Each of these is a complex topic in its own right.  A good place to start is Technote 2228 Running At Login, which covers a bunch of the basics.

          IMPORTANT That technote is almost 10 years old now, so it has a bunch of broken links and some of the low-level details have changed.  However, the overall architecture described by the technote is still valid.  If you hit something you don’t understand, just post your follow-up questions here.

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