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        I am trying to build a project on my new Apple TV 4K but noticed that it does not have a USB C port like the previous generation did.


        How can I connect XCode to my Apple TV 4K so I can build and test my project there instead of just the simulator.





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          Testing on your ATV4 from Xcode is done wirelesssly via wi-fi.


          Confirm that Xcode 9.3 is installed on your mac, the ATV4 is updated to latest tvOS 11.3, and that they are both on the same wi-fi network.


          1. Navigate to Settings>Remotes and Devices>Remote App and Devices on your ATV4.
          2. Go to your mac and use Xcode's Window menu >Devices and Simulators..you should see your ATV4 in the Discovered list on the left.
          3. Click on the Apple TV Icon in Devices panel... it will ask you for a Pairing Code that is displayed on the ATV4.
          4. Enter the code and Xcode should begin pairing with the ATV4.


          When the process completes, your mac will show up in the Remote App & Devices screen on the ATV4. The ATV4 will show up on the Devices & Simulators window of Xcode.

          A properly configured tvOS app should list the ATV4 as a device you can build to in Xcode's run scheme pull-down menu.