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        I'm having trouble adding an entitlement for the new NEHotspotHelper API. The documentation in the header says I need to set "com.apple.developer.networking.HotspotHelper" as one of the app's entitlements, so I've added this to the entitlements file, but when I run the app I get the following error from Xcode:


        "The executable was signed with invalid entitlements. The entitlements specified in your application’s Code Signing Entitlements file do not match those specified in your provisioning profile. (0xE8008016)."


        I've confirmed that the HotspotHelper entry above is all that's missing from the entitlements in the provisioning profile. However there is not an option to add this in the standard "Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles" interface.


        How can I add this entitlement to the provisioning profile?


        Xcode 7 beta 2

        iOS 9 beta 2



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          You need to email networkextension@apple.com and ask for that entitlement.  They should get back to you with a questionnaire, and it goes from there.

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              Once you send the questionaiire, 3 weeks later you'll get these instructions:


              Thanks for your interest in the Network Extension APIs.

              We added a new template containing the Network Extension entitlements to your team.

              This template can be found under Certificate, Identifiers, Profiles

              Create a new provisioning profile

              Go through all the panels

              One of the panels will be "Do You Need Additional Entitlements ?”

                Select the template with Network Extension Entitlements in the drop down menu

              After 3 hours of receiving the instructions then the capability mentioned should be applied to your dev account. I had a sample app which I had already enabled VPN so my app ID was already in the system. So I created the new provision file with that app ID, then download it and dragged it on to XCode. Then I added the network-authentication background mode to the Info.plist. Then when I built the app I checked the binary and sure enough it was signed with the entitmenet for the hotspot helper. I didnt have to manually specify any entitlements. To deploy it I first had to uninstall the previous version of the app since Xcode has trouble updating previously installed apps when the provision being used has changed.

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                  Hi ,

                  I am able see my binary signed with entitlements NEHotspotHelper Entitlements  also i have added network-authentication background mode to the Info.plist .  I want achive below things in my app ,

                  1) Annotate Wifi networks in the WiFi network scanner (Display WiFi networks in the iOS X network scanner with a little tag that displays something (your company name, for example) under the SSID name.)

                  2) Authenticate for WiFi Hotspots in backgorund .

                  As per this link it is possible  https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/4906


                  Please provide some sample code to achive above tasks.



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                    I have submitted a request to use Network Extension via the email specified. However, it has been around 3 weeks and Apple has not yet reverted to me.


                    I need to develop an application that can detect all the Access Point  (BSSID) and their signal strength in my institution for some attendance taking app.


                    May I know...


                    1. What can I do to make sure that Apple will review my request and approve my usage?


                    2. Do I need to resubmit? How should I word it such that Apple will approve?


                    3. From the Apple developer website, where is the location to know I have the rights to create app that make use of network extensions? (Any pic?)


                    4. Last but not least, just to confirm again that is it possible to scan for Access Point based on BSSID using iOS 9 network extension NEHotspotNetwork framework?


                    Thanks in advance.

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                    how to send email?