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        - My app’s binary is Rejected.

        - My In-App Purchases (IAP) is Waiting for Review.

        - In-App Purchase (IAP) is enabled in developer’s account

        - Restore purchase works in the sandbox environment

        - Some purchases works in the sandbox environment.


        When I try to create SKProductsRequest for some purchases, as a result I have "Error Domain=SSErrorDomain Code=109 "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Cannot connect to iTunes Store, SSErrorHTTPStatusCodeKey=404}".

        But it works for some purchases. And also all my purchases have status "Waiting for Review".


        How to fix this?

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          bpapaattheskimm Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

          Is this a new app, or did it work before?


          I'm seeing this error a lot today when trying to buy an exisiting IAP in the sandbox.

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            degtyarsergio Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

            Does somebody have any ideas?

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              degtyarsergio Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

              We've contacted with Apple Dev support yesterday and they fixed iTunesConnect error for us. So right now our IAP functionality works.

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                  alinafromnull2341234314 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

                  hi, we're having same issue today.


                  How can we contact Apple Dev support ?

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                      KMT Level 9 Level 9 (15,395 points)

                      Use the 'Contact Us' tree via iTunes Connect, or call 'em up - numbers here.

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                          rich Apple Staff Apple Staff (265 points)

                          It appears that the issue with sandbox testing affects some of you, but not everyone. It also turns out the the use the ping command can indicate a false positive for the problem. We’ve identified cases where the ping fails, but the In-App Purchase app is able to connect with the sandbox server and complete transactions.


                          In order to investigate this issue, the iTunes Server engineers have asked that bug reports be submitted with more complete information, including a sysdiagnose archive from the device. Such device will show additional information about the problem which a ping cannot.


                          First, here are the instructions to capture the sysdiagnose archive - please log into the Apple Developer Bug Report Profiles and log web page - <https:/

                          If you do this on the test device using the Safari browser, you can install the profiles to the device directly from the web site.

                          Install the following profiles

                          1. “App Store/iTunes Store for iOS” profile

                          2. “sysdiagnose for iOS” profile.

                          After all profiles are installed, please restart the device.


                          Please review the instructions for triggering the sysdiagnose profile and how to use iTunes to download the archive file by syncing with the device.

                          Make sure you are familiar with triggering the sysdiagnose log, then perform the steps to replicate the problem. When the failure occurs, trigger the sysdiagnose profile, wait 5 minutes, then sync the device with the iTunes app and find the sysdiagnose archive file. While reproducing the problem it will help to capture screenshots showing evidence of the connection failure.


                          To submit the bug report, please follow these instructions. Please use the Apple Developer Bug Report web page - http:/

                          After logging in, select the Product “Other”.

                          Fill out the bug report form. In the description section -

                          make sure to include the application ID

                          add a sequence of steps that a new user will take to use the app to find the In-App Purchase item

                          describe the evidence provided by the app that a network failure occurred. If there is a delayed response, indicate the approximate delay time.

                          Please include the sysdiagnose archive as an attachment to the bug report.


                          If you have a TestFlight build of the sandbox version of the app, please send an invitation to “apps_test@icloud.com”. Please include the bug report number in the invitation so that the test engineer knows which bug report to associate with the invitation.


                          Thank you for your assistance with this matter.

                          rich kubota - rkubota@apple.com

                          developer technical support CoreOS/Hardware/MFI

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                              Hi Rich!

                              Thank you for looking into this issue. Glad to know that other people are writing in about it and there are eyes on it!


                              Our bug report ID is 39529663 and we've followed your instructions. Since it was written before we saw this, we may have miscategorized it as Server instead of Other but I hope this doesn't make a significant difference.

                              Rosa at theSkimm

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                                Hi Rich,


                                Some of our users are receiving "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" error sometimes when they initiate a new payment. The returned SKPaymentTransaction has following properties.



                                - transactionState: SKPaymentTransactionStateFailed

                                - error.code: 0

                                - error.localizedDescription: Cannot connect to iTunes Store


                                Some of our users experienced this between UTC dates:

                                start (22:04:2018 | 14:01:21)

                                end  (24:04:2018 | 01:29:06)


                                Was In-App Purchase service down between these dates?

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                                  Hi Rich-


                                  I’m also experiencing this issue, and am trying to follow the reporting steps you outlined, but I’m having trouble downloading one of the profiles. Specifically, the link for the sysdiagnose profile on the profiles web site (https://developer.apple.com/bug-reporting/profiles-and-logs/?platform=ios) is getting me the Messages Extension Logging profile instead. (The App Store/iTunes Store profile works just fine.) Is there another link I should use for the sysdiagnose profile?




                                  Tim Schmitz


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                                    PianoBench Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

                                    During the last year, I have suffered through many incarnations of this issue. For most of the year, I would typically get the "cannot connect to iTunes Store" message the first time when attempting an in-app purchase in the TestFlight environment. However, a second attempt would usually succeed.


                                    In the last 2 months, things have deteriorated badly. The current situation with our app is that  in-app purchasing works with some IAPs in the TestFlight environment and not with others. The experience from one TestFligtht user to another does not match. Tester A may be able to purchase IAP X while Tester B cannot.


                                    In my case, it seems as though purchases that I successfully made many months ago cannot be made again while purchases that I successfully made recently can be repurchased.


                                    In addition to the foregoing, we have not been able to use the "restore purchases" feature in TestFlight for the last year—althoug it works in the public version of our app.


                                    A senior advisor with iTunesConnect asked me to send in the sysdiagnose archive. I followed all of the instructions and repeatedly attempted to generate the file using an iPad Pro. The file could not be generated. I have also provide a tester account.


                                    Weeks are going by with no resolution and no direct contact with anyone who can comment directly on this matter. It's quite a disgrace, not to mention damaging to my efforts at business development.