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        I'm currently developing an app in Brazil user alternat app icons, my issue is that the notification about the icon change is always in english, no matter the region or language of the device.


        Is there a way to change the message or at least localize it to another language? It doesn't make sense to me that Apple would make this a fixed message for everyone and not localizing it to other languages.

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          Is your app running in Brazilian Portugese?  In general system dialogs will display in the language of the running app in order to prevent mixed localisation.  So, if your app is running in English then the system will display dialogs in English to match.

          Two things:

          • You have to make sure that the system knows that your app is running in Brazilian Portugese.  QA1828 How iOS Determines the Language For Your App explains that process.

          • It’s possible that there’s a bug with alternate icon alert such that it’s not picking up your app’s localisation.  This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen a problem like that.  However, I just run a simple test of this here in my office and it worked for me.

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