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        Hi, I've setup my leaderboard in itunesconnect and I've Made an other by mistake. How to remove one lesderboard ? Or hide it for Game Center users

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          I'm having the same problem. iTunesConnect says "Leaderboards that are live for any app version can’t be removed." - could an Apple representative please elaborate?


          I'm thinking that to delete a leaderboard, you'd have to release an update with Game Center turned OFF, thus making the leaderboards non-'live', delete the unwanted leaderboard(s) in iTunesConnect, and lastly re-enable game center and release a 2nd update to your app.


          The problem with this, however, is that from the time you release the 1st update until the time you submit the 2nd update and it is reviewed and released, users won't have access to any of the leaderboards! I'm not confident this will work however, due to the lack of information & support from Apple...

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            Has anybody has found an answer to this or tested this?


            This is very bad for workflow, because when testing a LB in Test Flight, internal or open beta, many values of the LB are editable, implying it is has flexible items, then once you push live with the wrong sort or data types, you are stuck with it even if you don't call the LB for user display. They can scroll to it because it is attached to the LB list in GC.

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              Seems like this forum is quite dead, but other than the email support I guess this is the best place to ask for help anyway.


              I'm having problems removing extra leaderboards also.


              My app shows I have two default leaderboards, which in turn causes the submission page to show the error: "You must have only 1 Leaderboard as default."

              This also seems to make app submission impossible.


              I can't remove either one of the leaderboards. My app hasn't gone live yet, and both leaderboards state their status as "Not Live".


              I feel like this is a bug on Apple's side, as when I accidentally created two leaderboards, I was able to Delete the other one. This caused the page to refresh and set both of the leaderboards as "Default", which in turn made it impossible to delete either of them.


              Any help? Thank you!