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        Hello everyone,


        I'm currently preparing an iOS 11 update for one of my app and I have encountered something weird with the UIAppearance proxy with iOS 11 beta (everything is fine under iOS10). On my app, I have used the UIAppearance on UINavigationBar to set tintColor, backgroundColor, fontColor etc ... (background is orange and text is white)

        In my app, the user can download a PDF, then I launch a UIDocumentInteractionController and have different options :

        - copy

        - print

        - save to files

        - quick look

        - create a pdf

        - more

        For the print option, the uinavigationbar stays with the same color defined with the help of UIAppearance proxy. For the options : save to files, quick-look and create a pdf, then uinavigationbar goes completely white, texts are white too.

        I could use the delegate methods func documentInteractionControllerWillBeginPreview and documentInteractionControllerDidEndPreview to update appearance but as it works fine under iOS 10, maybe that's a bug of iOS 11...

        Does some of you have encountered the same problem ?

        Thanks !