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        We thank you all for trying out CoreML and coremltools. We received feedback and bug reports and have been working hard to address them. We have a new release of coremltools-0.4.0 with some new features, updates, and bug fixes!


        Please run the following command to get the update.


        pip install -—upgrade coremltools


        Summary of changes:


        • Keras 2.0 support!
          • coremltools now supports conversion from Keras 2.0. Older Keras (1.2.2) will continue to be supported.
          • Note: Popular Keras 2.0 models have a Convolution→BatchNorm→Activation structure which exposes an underlying issue in CoreML.framework which results in incorrect execution on older versions of Mac and iPhone hardware. This issue has been fixed and will be part of an upcoming developer seed.
        • Bug fixes:
          • Updated documentation for caffe and Keras converters with more examples
          • Bug fixes during conversion for the following Keras layers; TimeDistributed, Upsampling, Convolution-1D, ZeroPadding-1D
          • Fixes during conversion of  the deconvolution layers in Caffe.
          • Simpler and cleaner interface in NeuralNetworkBuilder to build your own neural network models