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        I have an app+networkextension (packet tunnel provider) combination. When i first install (or do a fresh install), app gets installed and the packet tunnel gets setup and works fine. the problem is with "upgrade" - if i give my enterprise users a new version, and they start install/download, i am seeing multiple issues (most probably pointing to a race condition). this problem happens 3 out of 5 times.


        - current app is attempted to to be taken down

        - tunnel extension is sent "stopTunnel.." and i see that tunnel is properly exited/terminated (atleast from the log thats what i get the feeling)

        - at this point or in between, the new app is attempted to be downloaded from safari (in-house distribution or crashlytics/fabric), which fails probably because the network is not available as the tunnel is down.

        - springboard app icon is kind of stuck sometimes in "waiting"

        - or "cannot download app" alert is shown sometimes.


        are there any pointers to investigate / fix this issue ? right now i am looking at the logs using console app


        Some log lines that are of interest:

        default 23:28:20.734733 -0700 vpntunnel stopTunnelWithReason++ UserInitiated 1

        default 23:28:20.756196 -0700 configd IPv6 over pdp_ip0 demoted: not primary for IPv4

        default 23:28:20.798936 -0700 configd network changed

        default 23:28:21.135161 -0700 kernel SIOCPROTODETACH_IN6: utun4 error=6

        error 23:28:21.135652 -0700 vpntunnel SIOCGIFMTU failed: Device not configured

        error 23:28:21.135830 -0700 vpntunnel NEVirtualInterfaceAdjustReadBufferSize: interface_get_mtu failed (6), defaulting to max mtu

        default 23:28:21.138476 -0700 iap2d process com.company.ios.product.vpntunnel is now suspending

        default 23:28:21.144167 -0700 nesessionmanager NESMVPNSession[Product VPN:B95C8DD6-6EA8-44DC-A429-E3A152F80F19]: status changed to disconnected, last stop reason Stop command received


        default 23:28:21.157820 -0700 iap2d process com.company.ios.product.vpntunnel  is now terminated

        default 23:28:21.158172 -0700 symptomsd 3377 com.company.ios.product.vpntunnel : Terminated (most elevated: Terminated)

        default 23:28:21.157820 -0700 iap2d process com.company.ios.product.vpntunnel: is now terminated

        default 23:28:21.158172 -0700 symptomsd 3377 com.company.ios.product.vpntunnel:: Terminated (most elevated: Terminated)




        default 23:28:21.906699 -0700 nesessionmanager NESMVPNSession[Product VPN:B95C8DD6-6EA8-44DC-A429-E3A152F80F19]: Received a start command from appstored[1674]

        error 23:28:21.937375 -0700 neagent Failed to create an NSExtension with type com.company.ios.product.vpntunnel: (null)

        error 23:28:21.937415 -0700 neagent NEAgentSession: failed to initialize the delegate