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        One of those "is it me" or "is it everybody else".


        Does anybody have Telnet avaiable as a command in Terminal?  Used to be there but with 10.13 it's not found...





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          It's not you.

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              Cool - thought I may have had a dodgy install or something.


              Strange thing to leave out - they must have had a reason?  Hopefully it will be back in a next release as it's a good diagnostic tool to use.

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                  Hmm. telnet and ftp (also not present in 10.13 Beta) are insecure. Use ssh and sftp instead.

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                      Of course they are insecure, but sometimes you have no other choice but to use them. This command better returns, otherwise I am forced to install Windows/Linux...

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                        You can't use ssh to connect to port 25 to test a SMTP server, POP3 server, or check if a port is open at the destination..

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                          telnet is an incredibly useful diagnostic and debug tool .... I use it at some point nearly every day diagnosing SMTP connection problems, accessing old Cisco switches / routers on my internal private/secure network, connecting to serial consoles across a local/private network and more.


                          As a network engineer it is pretty much an essential tool (as is the escape key on a keyboard and to a lesser extent the function keys)


                          Apple don't seem to be considering us "technical" users when they make changes .... I hope they're readying this and re-consider

                          One of the things stopping me upgrading to a new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (at a cost of about $5k) is because it doesn't have an easily accessible escape key (silly I know) ... removing telnet/ftp/etc from the OS is going to stop me upgrading


                          Worse still, I might have to look at moving back to Linux / OpenBSD for my $dayjob ...

                          Apple, please consider the Pro users when you try to "improve" things.  It was bad enough when you removed PPTP from iOS ... it may be flawed, but it was better than nothing - and now we're less secure as we have to use an unencrypted connection because L2TP isn't a viable option.


                          There's being "brave" (god I miss the headphone jack) and there's being stupid for the sake of it / headlines

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                              Can't you simply use nc ?


                              A quick google shows this is probably the way going forward:



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                                If you really need it: Install MacPorts <https://www.macports.org> and grab inetutils from my branch




                                This gives you all the standard network daemons and clients.

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                                  Sorry if I'm blunt, but if you are a "technical" user who "might have to look at moving back to Linux / OpenBSD for my $dayjob" you should, at the very least, knew that netcat (nc) exists and that you can very well use it to accomplish the same things.


                                  I agree with you that opening terminal and typing "telnet" is ingrained in our minds and as such, is the very first thing we'd do. As a matter of fact, I did, and that's how i noticed that the telnet program went the way of the Dodo in 10.13 dev beta, but the network engineer (hacker?) in me kicked in and I switched to nc, where I finished the SMTP diagnostic I was going to do.


                                  I was a Network Engineer before moving on to network and nformation security and I understand why the bold move was done and, as a matter of fact, i encourage it. You should see the things one sees when working on security.


                                  It's inconvenient, yes, but there are workarounds if you know what you're doing, and if you really need to use legacy (read: insecure) tech.

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                                    Agree with jmorby as well. You can't use SSH until you telnet into a Cisco router/switch and generate the encryption keys. The other option is to use a USB-to-Serial adapter and use the console port and a terminal emulator. Of course, telnet/ftp are not secure until you can get in the device and configure it for usernames/passwords/SSH/sftp.


                                    BTW - It would be nice if Apple would enhance Terminal to enable a ZTerm/PuTTY type virtual serial port for accessing Cisco devices and other consoles that don't have ethernet/IP.

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                                  I think Apple have been shortsighted as telnet is such a useful tool. I thought I was going crazy when I couldn't find it but DID find it in my BASH history....

                                  Sack the fool who didn't reckon for this. I know there are other tools and workarounds but THAT'S NOT THE POINT............ We choose a Mac because we want the freedom and power of unix tools, with a bit more class than linux!


                                  Apple will have to bring Telnet back, because this won't rest........ Telnet may be insecure but we don't use it that way...........we use it for TEST purposes. I propose a twitter hashtag #bringMacTelnet..........

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                                You can copy Telnet over from a Seirra machine by jumping through a few hoops.  I use Telnet all the time; filed a suggestion on Bugreporter to put it back.  I agree with jmorby completely.

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                                  Telnet is removed in high sierra due to its a 32bit program . I use ssh now.

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                                    To another workaround take a look at




                                    There you can find a step by step to solve that.

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                                      There is a separate discussion thread here that is almost the same.  I installed inetutils with Homebrew.  I understand that it can also be had via MacPorts.


                                      At the same time, libcurl IS still built into High Sierra.  While I haven't tried this myself, I am expecting that some users would be satisfied by doing "curl telnet://...", "curl ftp...", etc.  Heck, I think you can even use it for Gopher :-)