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        I'm trying to test my iOS application with a IPv6 network as suggested here (https://developer.apple.com/news/?id=05042016a)
        Unfortunately when I connect the iPhone to the Wifi network shared from my mac, the iPhone doesn't navigate at all.


        This is the network configuration




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          By "doesn't navigate at all" do you mean other apps, such as Safari, also fail to make network connections?

          Does the Mac itself connect OK while sharing is enabled?

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            eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,905 points)

            This is the network configuration

            Can’t see anything weird there.  The screen shots shows that the device has acquired an IPv4 link-local address (169.254/16) and is using an IPv6 DNS server.  This is exactly what I’d expect to see for a device attached to an Internet Sharing-based DNS64/NAT64 test network.

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                Although I haven't set up the test IPv6 environment as described, My app rejection appears to be related.  The application test by apple failed to resolve a network host name in the test lab.  The host does not support IPv6 but DNS in the IPv6 network should perform the necessary translation to find the hosts IPv4 address.  That is how the app will function once released and the app does not use any IPv4 specific code, addressing, etc.  Strictly domain names.


                I would think others are having similar problems.  Is there any solution?