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        I'm a begginer and have a litle problem with a variable declaration


        var nNum3:Float = 5.2

        var nNum4:Float = 1.000

        var nREnt : Int  = nNum1 % nNum2

        var nRes1 : Float  = nNum3 % nNum4  // this line send me error " % is unavailable: use truncating remainder instead " why?


        xcode is 8.3.2 version


        somebody can help me please?



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          QuinceyMorris Level 8 Level 8 (6,060 points)

          The problem is a practical one, that there's no widespread agreement about what the % operator should do. It calculates a remainer, or a modulus, and it produces a positive result, or a negative result, or a result with the same sign as … whatever, it rounds, it truncates, towards the origin, towards positive infinity, towards negative infinity.


          For those reasons, the designers of Swift decided to disallow the use of operator % with floating point numbers. Instead, you use one of the "remainder" functions:




          to say what you mean.

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            this might help:

            var nNum3:Float = 7.0
            var nNum4:Float = 4.0
            var nREnt  = nNum3.truncatingRemainder(dividingBy: nNum4)
            print("Float - Reaminder after division:\(nREnt), type: \(type(of:nREnt))")
            let nNum1:Int = 7
            let nNum2:Int = 4
            let nRest = 7 % 4
            print("Int - Reaminder after division:\(nRest), type: \(type(of:nRest))")


            Console output:

            Float - Reaminder after division:3.0, type: Float

            Int - Reaminder after division:3, type: Int


            Have fun,


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              Remainder Operator % is used only for values of type Int


              If you write


              var nRes1 : Int  = nNum3 % nNum4


              then there will be no error