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        For 1 year I had an app that listed stores that offered discounts around my area. It was basically a directory of stores. It was approved and available in the Brazilian AppStore.


        A few months ago I made some design changes and changed the name of the app to "Kupom" (it is a variation of the word "coupon" in portuguese). I submitted it for approval and it was accepted. So far so good.


        However, I accidentaly forgot to submit the promotional screenshots of this new version (the ones that appear on the app page in the AppStore). The new modified version of the app was submitted and accepted with the old promotional screenshots. So I added the screenshots, submitted again for approval, and this time it was rejected.


        They said that my app did not comply with PLA 1.2, and that my "seller's name" did not reflect the name of the app (remember that one week before they had accepted this same app, but with the wrong screenshots). After doing my research I discovered that for apps that sell coupons of other brands, it is necessary to have a Seller's name matching your app name.


        However, my app does not sell or offer coupons, it is merely a directory of stores that currently are offering discount in sales (see the difference?). They simply can't understand that. I've spoken to representatives several times and they act like robots uncapable of understanding these arguments. They can't understand that they have accepted the app, and that the app has been (and currently is) available in the AppStore.


        Does anybody have any clue of what I can do to solve this issue? Thanks.