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        Can I create an app for my school called "Monroe Elementary" that allows parents to see the school calendar, lunch menu, etc. and then create a second app for another school called "Lebanon Elementary" that works the same way for that school?


        The core idea is that each app is inherently localized, all the way up to the name, icon, and scope of the app. I believe this is what users want, rather than downloading a nation-wide app and then selecting a specific school from within the app. I think this type app would get more adoption if users could say, "Have you downloaded the Monroe Elementary app yet?"... rather than, "Have you downloaded the Bobo app and set it up to view Monroe Elementary yet?"


        Would this approach be rejected by the Apple Review Team? I'm nervous that I would create and submit the entire app and be rejected on a conceptual basis because I am creating different versions for a specific location (see 4.3 below).


        4.3 Spam

        Don’t create multiple Bundle IDs of the same app. If your app has different versions for specific locations, sports teams, universities, etc., consider submitting a single app and provide the variations using in-app purchase.


        I am a new developer and would really appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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          The review guidelines used to warn against apps that targeted very small audiences - I think the current verbiage found in 4.3 says the same thing now.


          Perhaps if you detailed why an iOS app is important, say, versus a modern HTML5 website that could provide both iOS & Android support out of the box without having to run a review gauntlet, someone could offer suggestions, etc.

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              Thanks KMT. That is an excellent point and I know your reply is a more general question. I have thought about app vs website a whole lot. Hopefully, this helps explain my rationale for creating an app vs website.


              I think an app can very quickly provide an answer to users with the least amount of user effort. Websites seem to require a user to open a browser, pull up the website from URL or bookmark (which the user had to create), login to the website, see a broad menu of options, select the option you want, and see the result. Whereas a user can just open an app by touching its icon once and the desired (singular) feature is immediately presented to the user already within the desired (smaller) scope and context.


              I truly think there might be a justifiable market for micro apps that only do one specific thing (but do it very well) for a small group of users (500-1000). But if the Apple Review Team says no way, then I guess I shouldn't even try to make this kind of an app.


              I'm just looking for a definitive answer before I create the entire app only to find out that this kind of idea would get an immediate rejection from the Apple Review Team.


              Thanks again KMT for your thoughts. They were very helpful.

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              You could create a single app for a single school.  You might then be able to create a second, almost identical app for a second school but the AppStore might point to 4.3 and require that you generate a general app that can be individualized to any school. 

              But think about it.  If your app, say you titled it  "My Elementary School Info" ,was available nationwide, and any school could create their own version, wouldn't that be cool?  You could create a lite version that allowed anyone to explore how it would work.  If they purchased an IAP then they could secure their school's name/location and become the "administrator" for entering the information for that school.  Imagine 100's of school's doing that across the US.  You could create a version in French for schools in St. Marteen or France.


              Any single user (i.e. parent of student) would only need to individualize the app once.  They could select from a dropdown list or use a map - or the administrator of theior school could send them an automated email with a link to download the app and using:

                    -(BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)app openURL:(NSURL *)url options:(NSDictionary<NSString *,id> *)options{

              it could individualize itself at launch.

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                  Thank you PBK. Your response was very helpful and has given me a lot to think about. I am very grateful that you took the time to share your thoughts.

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                      You'll get busted by 4.3 eventually. In fact, they call out schools/universities, right in the guideline. You are essentially looking to white label your business, meaning that any school can put their logo on your app, but it is all the same app. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't like the white label business model, so you are SOL    

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                      There are actually apps doing this already, like Mathletics, Raz kids. So each school gives the teachers, students / parents the school login AND the individual login for students.


                      But for some other cases , e.g. the Church example i saw in another thread, 4.3 guideline doesn't make any sense.

                      Religious people would search for their own church on the app store naturally, say Michigan state Pentecostal ABC church or whatever.    The problem is if it was under one container app, the religious person would most liklely unable to search for the app since there can only be 100 characters in the keyword field and there is no way to fit all church names in it.