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        As a business of our company, we are setting up WiFi hotspots in office.

        In order to select the optimal WiFi frequency band or channel, it is necessary to scan WiFi when set up a WiFi hotspot in an office.

        We are looking for a method that can be easily scan WiFi with iPhone and application(only limited organizations can use this).


        We would like to develop the same function as the Wi-Fi diagnostic tool operating on Mac OS using the latest iOS, but we can not be realized on iOS with published API (such as NEHotspotHelper).

        (In iOS 9.0 and later, if we use NEHotspotHelper, we can scan SSID and BSSID in application, but we can not scan WiFi frequency, channel, strength.)


        What should we do in order to realize for scanning WiFi frequency, channel, strength?

        Is there a way to get a customized iOS from Apple?