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        Int this piece of code blow, there are three overloading of the function Func in the class A, but

        I need to know which of these functions where called in main function.

        The vtable provide only the memory address of these three functions, but I don't know where I should check

        the foot print of these virtual functions.


        #include <stdio.h>

        #include <stdint.h>


        class A




            virtual ~A() {}

            virtual int Func(int a) { return puts(__PRETTY_FUNCTION__); }

            virtual int Func(char a) { return puts(__PRETTY_FUNCTION__); }

            virtual int Func(float a) { return puts(__PRETTY_FUNCTION__); }



        int main(int argc, const char **argv)


            A *a = new A();


            return 0;


        • Re: track function overloading in LLDB
          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,325 points)

          I don’t understand your question here.  For the example you posted, you can figure out which function gets called by:

          • Running the program

          • Using the debugger to step through the program

          I presume, however, that this is just an example, and you’re actually concerned about some bigger issue.  Can you explain that in more detail?

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