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        Please help, I am trying to follow the video tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0MuaFzoxng  (TIme: 34:32)



        I get the following error, please help

        Contextual type 'AnyObject' cannot be used within dictionary literal


        here is my code:

        func toAnyObject() -> AnyObject {
                return ["content":content, "addedByUser":addedByUser]
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          The problem you’re having here is that Swift’s Dictionary type is a struct, not an object, so you can’t use it as the return value of a function that returns AnyObject.  You can either return an NSDictionary, which is an object:

          func toAnyObject() -> AnyObject { 
              return ["content":content, "addedByUser":addedByUser] as NSDictionary

          or change the return type to `Any:

          func toAnyObject() -> Any { 
              return ["content":content, "addedByUser":addedByUser]

          It’s hard to say what the right option is without knowing more about the context.

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