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        I have the next environment:

        Login macbook: C.J. Koot

        code signing certificate: Koot Software Design ( in my keychain)

        app name: Plantenkennis (build with FiveMac (command line, not in Xcode)

        When I want to sign my app I use this command:

        codesign -s Koot Software Design -v Plantenkennis

        But I get an error: ambiguous (matches "Koot Software Design" and "Mac Developer: C.J. Koot (MFNVQX3C9R)" in /Users/cjkoot/Library/Keychains/login.keychain-db)


        How do I solve this problem?



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          It looks ilke you have two certificates in your keychain (Koot Software Design and Mac Developer: C.J. Koot (MFNVQX3C9R)) which match your search term “Koot Software Design”.  You can either delete one of those certificates or supply a more specific search term.

          One option here is to supply a SHA-1 hash of the specific certificate you want to use.  The codesign man page has the details.

          You can see the SHA-1 hash of a certificate in Keychain Access.  Double click the certificate and scroll to the bottom.  You’ll find a section labelled Fingerprints, which contains SHA-1 and MD5 hashes of the certificate.

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