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        I am trying to access the signature content that is set up in the apple iOS email. I tried with below code using private API


            NSBundle *b = [NSBundle bundleWithPath:@"/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Message.framework"];

            BOOL success = [b load];

            Class FTDeviceSupport = NSClassFromString(@"MFSignatures");

            id si = [FTDeviceSupport valueForKey:@"sharedInstance"];

            NSString *emailID = @"scentest@icloud.com";

            NSLog(@"   %@", [si performSelector:@selector(signatureForSendingEmailAddress:) withObject:emailID]);

            NSLog(@"-- %@", [si valueForKey:@"signature"]);



        it is throwing error as "accessing preferences outside an application's container requires user-preference-read or file-read-data sandbox access, detaching from cfprefsd"



        Is it possible to get the signature content setup in Apple Mail app?