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        I'm getting an error in our Test target after migrating to swift 3:


        error: ambiguous use of 'init(sectionIndex:itemIndex:)'
              ItemPath(sectionIndex: 0, itemIndex: 0),
        RxDataSources.ItemPath:4:12: note: found this candidate
            public init(sectionIndex: Int, itemIndex: Int)
        <unknown>:0: note: found this candidate


        The use of ItemPath in the main target works fine so it is pretty odd and the unknown second candidate doesn't help solving this.


        A similar issue happens with an operator we've declared and used throughout the main target but generates the same "ambiguous" issue in the test target only this time all 2 candidates are unknown...


        Has anyone encountered a similar issue ? And found a solution ?


        Thanks !

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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,345 points)

          Have you tried this with the current Xcode 8.3 beta?  It’d be interesting to see if that does a better job of telling you what’s wrong.

          If the problem reproduces there, it’d be helpful if you could file a bug about this.  Even if this turns out to be a problem with your code, the poor diagnostics could stand some improvement.  It’d be most helpful if you include a project that reproduces the failure.

          Please post your bug number, just for the record.

          As to your actual problem, how is you test target set up?  Are you building a framework and testing that?  Linking the code directly into your test target?  Or having your test target run the code out of your app?

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