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        UPDATE 17/11/2016


        Ok now I'm able to see in wireshark how the connection starts, but something happens in the iPhone.


        When I touch the VPN button inside the SimpleTunnel app, the status changes from Disconnected to Connecting, but immediately changes back again to Disconnected and in the server I can see this message:


        2016-11-16 19:12:41.033 tunnel_server[693:7087] Accepted a new connection


        PacketTunnel process is crashing for some reason... Tested in:


        iPad Mini iOS 9.3.5 (13G36)

        iPhone 5 iOS 10.1.1 (14B150)

        iPhone 5s iOS 10.0.1 (14A403)


        Here you can see the crash logs:




        I reported this problem as a bug, number



        But I need to make it work to be able to do my project.





        I have this setup:


        iPhone 10.1 connected through WiFi to an AP, IP

        Mac connected through ethernet to the AP, IP


        tunnel_server started and runing on port 6969.

        SimpelTunnel installed and configured with server


        When I touch the connect button nothing happens, just change the status to connecting.


        With wireshark I can't see any packet comming from the iPhone. If I try to make a ping from the iPhone to the Mac it works well.


        Any ideas?? How I can debug the connecting process of SimpleTunnel?



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          Same problem here, does any progress you have made?

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              No progress... Apple didn't say anything...

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                  Exception Type:  EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP)

                  is very likely a breakpoint instruction inserted as a trap by Swift (to get nil accesses, out of bounds array access, and so on).

                  Thread 4 name:  Dispatch queue: Network.framework
                  Thread 4 Crashed:
                  0 SimpleTunnelServices … ClientTunnel.sendMessage([String : AnyObject], completionHandler : (NSError?) -> ()) -> () (ClientTunnel.swift:150)
                  1 PacketTunnel        … ClientTunnelConnection.open() -> () (ClientTunnelConnection.swift:58)
                  2 PacketTunnel        … PacketTunnelProvider.tunnelDidOpen(Tunnel) -> () (PacketTunnelProvider.swift:79)

                  This indicates it crashed in SimpleTunnel code.  If you reproduce the crash with the debugger attached, what do you see?

                  Also, the crash report references a specific line number (ClientTunnel.swift:150 in the example above).  What code is at that line?  As I mentioned, it’s very likely that that code is trigger a Swift trap.

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